Happy Groundhog Day!

In a few months I will become an uncle... so I must plan how I will teach the little one about the greatest movie known to man. A children's book is a good idea.

Happy Groundhog Day 2011!

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  1. David, I too am a huge fan of the movie Groundhog Day. I produce an Oldies podcast called Old Time Rock n Roll. Each February 2nd I do a special show called Groundhog Day which basicly takes one oldies song and plays it over and over and over but each recording of the song is by a different singer from the 1950s and 1960s. I came across your terrific caricature and would like to use it as part of my Face Book announcement of my show. Being a champion of copyright laws I of course am asking permission to use this. Thank you, If you would like to check out me or my show: http://www.oldtimernr.com
    to e mail me a response either way would be appreciated as I will not use it without your permission, oldtimernr@hotmail.com